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#15 Even 100 Years Ago, The New Zealand Oil Dependence Problem Was Obvious

Here are two interesting quotes worth reflecting on from early Engineering leaders about the benefits of electric vehicles and electricity in New Zealand.  It is interesting to note that even 100 years ago, it was plain to see that with a petrol based transportation system, we “pledge our credit to foreign nations”.  FreeNRG4NZ is about … Continue reading

#14 The Port of Auckland Today – Crude Oil Kiwi Addicts

It’s a typical day in the Port of Auckland today – Illustrating our massive reliance on the global energy economy that is based on Crude Oil.  We have the massive Trans Future 6 parked up and dropping off new cars, trucks and SUV’s at the Captain Cook Wharf, and we have the Awanuia dropping off fuel … Continue reading

#13 Transportation Electrification and an Uber Cool Scooter

New Zealand is highly dependant on foreign oil imports yet we have one of the highest percentages of “fuel free” renewable electricity generation in the developed world (and we could be doing even better by achieving 100% renewable electricity). It is obvious then, that the solution for personal transport in view of the pending Oil … Continue reading

Writers Required

Contributions sought for this blog > If you have ideas on how New Zealand can move towards 100% renewable electricity as the first step and then onward towards full energy independence - contact us. Lets all work together to get the conversation moving more.