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#14 The Port of Auckland Today – Crude Oil Kiwi Addicts

It’s a typical day in the Port of Auckland today – Illustrating our massive reliance on the global energy economy that is based on Crude Oil.  We have the massive Trans Future 6 parked up and dropping off new cars, trucks and SUV’s at the Captain Cook Wharf, and we have the Awanuia dropping off fuel … Continue reading

#12 New Zealand’s Potential for Oil Independence in an Uncertain World

Many thanks to SouthernLimitsNZ for this post… Ever since United States oil production peaked in the 1970s there has been debate about the ability of North America to become self reliant by producing all its own oil. Fast forward forty years and this conversation is still taking place and the U.S. is still no closer … Continue reading

#10 Stop Wasting Our Natural Gas!

We at FreeNRG4NZ believe that with a just a smidgen of political willpower it would be easy to have a 100% renewable electricity generation system in New Zealand. This would bring multiple benefits to our nation and these benefits are discussed elsewhere on this blog.  The main point that we want to make today, is … Continue reading

#8 Fossil Fuels v Renewables: The Key Argument That Environmentalists Are Missing

This is a super piece of work that we at FreeNRG4NZ want to promote.  Although written in terms of the United States energy situation, it is equally valid for New Zealand.  It reinforces our position that it does not really matter what you believe about Climate Change, there are equally pressing Energy Security reasons that we need … Continue reading

#7 Halliburton in New Zealand – Hall of Shame Company Cementing Up Our Wells

Want to get a job at Halliburton, go right ahead, the company operates a thriving business out of New Plymouth, this is how they introduce their job vacancies… “Since 1919, Halliburton has been opening Worlds of Opportunity around the globe. We’re one of the world’s largest and most safety-conscious providers of oil field services. Come … Continue reading

#5 New Zealand Oil – Imports, Exports and Other Basics

New Zealand produced about 114 Peta Joules (PJ) of “oil” in 2010 and as shown on the red line in the graph below, nearly all of that (107 PJ) was exported.  At the same time we imported 289 PJ of “oil” – this blog entry discusses why this is the case and where does the oil … Continue reading

#4 Wind Energy – Economics and LNG Import Gas Price

The most obvious way to get New Zealand to 100% renewables is by installing more wind energy, much more of it (along with reducing our reliance on Gas and Coal).  A recent analysis by Infometrics shows that a savings of $390 per person every year is realistic by 2030 if we can achieve 20% wind … Continue reading

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Contributions sought for this blog > If you have ideas on how New Zealand can move towards 100% renewable electricity as the first step and then onward towards full energy independence - contact us. Lets all work together to get the conversation moving more.