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#16 Pumped Storage – A Solution Staring Us In The Face

To achieve 100% renewable electricity in New Zealand is so simple it is sad we have not yet done it. While other countries are making a lot of effort we have no plans and no high level strategy.  The technology to achieve it is already here and it is already proven.  More wind and a … Continue reading

#13 Transportation Electrification and an Uber Cool Scooter

New Zealand is highly dependant on foreign oil imports yet we have one of the highest percentages of “fuel free” renewable electricity generation in the developed world (and we could be doing even better by achieving 100% renewable electricity). It is obvious then, that the solution for personal transport in view of the pending Oil … Continue reading

#11 News Links_01: Frackin, Tiny Royalty, Multi Rate Tariff, Mercury Energy Price Hike

From time to time we summarise news stories that have come to our attention: FRACKING in New Zealand – A moratorium would be smart! Hydro Fracking is controversial and a number of countries have put a moratorium on the practice until more is know about the effects. The EPA in America has a massive investigative … Continue reading

#6 Shortsightedness Wins the Day as Project Hayes Wind Consent Application is Withdrawn

19 Jan 2011 – Meridian announced today they have given up trying to obtain consent for one of New Zealand’s biggest wind farm projects for the time being. The 176-turbine, 633 megawatt Project Hayes bid sparked intense opposition which included inordinate media coverage of high profile ex All Black Anton Oliver and other so called “environmentalists”.  Meridian added that … Continue reading

#3 Government Policy – Too Much Hui Not Enough Doi

The problem with the current crop of politicians is that none of them have any concrete suggestions for the electrical system, they seem to be stuck in endless non interventionisit thinking, reviews, analysis and reporting on the system.  The fact that New Zealand already has a healthy renewables proportion is serendipitous, it is more by good luck than good management.  … Continue reading

#2 Starting Assumptions – Energy Costs

This is a Blog about New Zealand’s Energy Economy – we are a small and isolated nation extremely dependent on imported Crude Oil and the dwindling Taranaki Natural Gas Reservoirs.  This blog is going to explore NZ’s Energy Flows in some detail (in layman’s term) but I also want to build the case that New Zealand needs to rapidly … Continue reading

#1 Now is the Time – Stand Up Again New Zealand

New Zealand has risen in times past to be a leader on the world stage and make a bold statement for liberty and justice.  We were the first in the world to give woman the vote in (1893), and we made an historic stand against having nuclear weapons in our ports (1985).  It is moments … Continue reading

Writers Required

Contributions sought for this blog > If you have ideas on how New Zealand can move towards 100% renewable electricity as the first step and then onward towards full energy independence - contact us. Lets all work together to get the conversation moving more.