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#11 News Links_01: Frackin, Tiny Royalty, Multi Rate Tariff, Mercury Energy Price Hike

From time to time we summarise news stories that have come to our attention:

FRACKING in New Zealand – A moratorium would be smart! Hydro Fracking is controversial and a number of countries have put a moratorium on the practice until more is know about the effects. The EPA in America has a massive investigative report due on the practise shortly – but when companies can get their hands on free energy is there too much at stake to care about the environment? Also, the practice is known to cause earthquakes in seismically active areas similar to New Zealand.

GOOD NEWS – A step in the right direction for the smart grid, Genesis Energy introduces a multi rate tariff. We felt this is was so significant, we wrote a separate blog on this topic as well… Now all we need is smart appliances.

GETTING SOLD SHORT – Oil and Gas Exploration hype – Why is our government giving our resources away for nothing – “the Crown’s petroleum royalty rate is the fourth lowest in the world!”. Our low royalty rate is in this story and is something FreeNRG4NZ will be talking more about in the future.

INEVITABLE PRICH HIKE – a massive price hike by Mercury is blamed on Transpower upgrades / charges but is probably more likely in anticipation of the Mighty River Power (who own Mercury) state asset sell off… after all. it would look terrible for the government if Mercury prices went up straight after the sell off that is planned for later this year.

If you have come across any interesting New Zealand Energy related stories that are worthy of a mention, please make a comment below, we would be interested in your thoughts.  Also, this video is classic…. enjoy.


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