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#2 Starting Assumptions – Energy Costs

This is a Blog about New Zealand’s Energy Economy – we are a small and isolated nation extremely dependent on imported Crude Oil and the dwindling Taranaki Natural Gas Reservoirs.  This blog is going to explore NZ’s Energy Flows in some detail (in layman’s term) but I also want to build the case that New Zealand needs to rapidly move towards Energy Independence because I am convinced that Crude Oil prices are heading north of $300 a barrel by 2020 (or worse – see video below).

I am going to take the position that Energy Independence is a great thing for New Zealand (as indeed it would be for any country) – with the issue at hand being what costs are involved, or what steps could we take to move towards such a state and would it be worth it?

Starting Assumption –  Global phenomena such and “Peak Oil” and “Climate Change” are already upon us and are going to mean that the next 20 years are going to be quite unlike the last 20 years for New Zealand.

The driver behind my concern in writing this blog, is that I firmly believe the world is headed for some form of economic collapse within 20 or 30 years.  Our modern global economy that relies on exponential growth and crude oil is soon going to hit brick walls that no technology or market force is able to overcome – massive pain on an individual and at a national level is inevitable.  The 100% renewable electricity generation system that I am pushing is only the first, but a most important step in moving towards Energy Independance for New Zealand.

The are abundant Non Fiction Books, Blogs, Ebooks, Documentaries, Conspiracy Theories and Counter Conspiracy Theories related to my starting beliefs that climate change and peak oil are real and already upon us – or not.  While this is a fascinating subject area that I will only briefly explore here, I want to point out that whatever you believe the fact remains that as a minimum, the worldwide perception is one where these issues are extrememly important and are not going to disappear anytime soon.  And even on the basis of perception alone, it would still be in New Zealand’s interests to move towards a system of 100% renewable electricity generation:

  • To the Climate Change septic that cares not if we omit more than our fair share of carbon, I say, lets go 100% electric anyway and we can export more Coal and take advantage of Carbon Tax Credits.
  • To the Peak Oil naysayer, who thinks Oil is going to remain affordable for many years to come I say, lets go 100% electric and use it as a marketing angle for our export industry.

Whatever way you look at it, 100% Renewable Power for New Zealand is a winner.

And we should always keep in mind that the worst case scenario world energy outlook does not bear thinking about, we need to get off the crude oil crack :


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