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#1 Now is the Time – Stand Up Again New Zealand

New Zealand has risen in times past to be a leader on the world stage and make a bold statement for liberty and justice.  We were the first in the world to give woman the vote in (1893), and we made an historic stand against having nuclear weapons in our ports (1985).  It is moments like this that define our great country.  A nation that will to do what is morally right (even at the expense of short term gains) and set an example for the world.

Now the time has come for us to take a lead on the world stage again.  I am talking about the fact that New Zealand must move urgently to put in place a system of 100% renewable electricity generation.  For us this would not be difficult, it would save us money, and it will enable us to be free from the massive volatility in fossil fuel prices that the world will soon have to endure.

We need to do it not only for ourselves but for all of humanity, because if New Zealand can’t do 100% renewable electricity then certainly no one else on this planet can.  And if no one else can, then our generation will be remembered by whatever remnant survives the coming economic collapse as the most short sighted and selfish of all.


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Contributions sought for this blog > If you have ideas on how New Zealand can move towards 100% renewable electricity as the first step and then onward towards full energy independence - contact us. Lets all work together to get the conversation moving more.